ZEUS Teamwork.

Always delivering performance on point.

Our 11-point plan for your company. With this claim, we support your company professionally in all personnel areas and are a sponsor of TSG Reutlingen.

  • Reliable and competent employees are hard to find in the current job market. It's good to have a strong partner like the ZEUS Group by your side. Due to our family-like treatment and attachment to our employees, many of them have been loyal to us for a long time. These employees have already proven that they can be relied on and therefore have a high level of professional experience. Being able to draw from such a pool is, in our opinion, a deserved luxury and a great relief for our customers when it comes to filling vacant positions. If, despite our best efforts, we are not able to provide the specific employee you need on short notice, we will do everything possible to fill your vacant position in a timely and satisfactory manner.

  • We present ourselves confidently and sympathetically on an equal footing because we know what we can do. Nevertheless, we do not promise anything that we cannot keep. Through our proven procedures, we achieve high satisfaction and low disappointment rates with our customers.

    Before we send a candidate to one of our customers, we get at least two personal references from their previous employers, because job certificates alone do not meet our quality standards. Furthermore, job certificates are often also the result of legal requirements or even - through comparisons before labor courts - forced formulations. Therefore, they do not always fully reflect reality.

    When collecting references, we primarily do not address personnel departments, but rather directly to the immediate supervisors. We are primarily interested in whether the employee was reliable, punctual, humanly pleasant, and professionally competent.

    If there are several positive references for a candidate, we conduct an in-depth interview with them. Our experienced dispatchers know what to look for in such an interview and what questions need to be answered. Only if this interview is also positive and a candidate passes our qualification tests, will a candidate become one of our employees.

    Since each of our employees has a fixed contact person with our dispatchers and the same applies to our customers, the responsible dispatcher knows exactly which of our employees fits which of our customers. This is the reason for the great loyalty that is shown to us on both the customer and the employee side. We are proud of this and are grateful for it.

    Our temporary workers are aware that they are among the best-performing employees in the industry, because only really good employees pass our careful selection, obtaining references from the last two employers and our qualification tests and safety instructions. Also our customers know that, and our employees can be justifiably proud of it.

    It's become trendy nowadays to get certified for everything under the sun. We've heard of competitors getting certified for having a paperless office. We, on the other hand, have chosen to get certified for our tried-and-true employee selection process, because that's what ultimately matters for you, dear customers.

  • "Who only pays with nuts should not be surprised if he only gets monkeys!" (African proverb)

    This motto is our business principle. Professional temporary work requires well-qualified internal employees, well-equipped, spacious office spaces, and well-paid temporary workers.

    Fair pay, of course, has its price, which must be reflected in the billing rate. Therefore, we do not want and cannot be a cheap supplier. However, we also deliver the best possible package at a fair billing rate.

    What good is it for the customer to achieve the lowest possible billing rate, if he in return gets problems with absenteeism and poor performance from employees, or if he is not well cared for by the temporary employment agency? Professional temporary work brings more pleasure to all sides and prevents much trouble, frustration, and ultimately costs for the customer.

    Choose to work with professionals too.

  • It is important to us that we are always easily reachable for our customers.

    At our company, there is no key account manager who sits in another federal state and must make phone calls to different people to solve your issue. Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated contact person on site who exclusively handles their needs. To ensure the best possible availability, we have ensured that you can reach us by phone even during lunchtime.

    In addition, our regular employees communicate through a chat feature on their smartphones. This means that in urgent cases, we can reach any of our regular employees, if necessary, outside of our official opening hours or if the employee is on leave.

    Even the owner of the ZEUS corporate group, Mr. Löw, can be directly contacted and is almost always reachable in important cases.

  • We have been working with a professional service company since our company was founded, which has been handling payrolls, invoicing, and IT support for over 80 temp agencies throughout Germany for over 30 years and has its own legal department. Our customers benefit from the best possible and legally compliant creation of their payrolls. If our customers have legal questions regarding our collaboration, we can clarify them quickly with our legal department, which has specialized in the field of temp work for over 30 years.

  • For customers who use temporary work, it is important to reduce the topic of subsidiary liability to a maximum because subsidiary liability can financially damage a customer and cannot be excluded contractually due to existing legislation. Therefore, as a customer company, you should pay attention not only to the price but also to the quality and safety. Here the ZEUS Group can offer you a lot. Through a combination of numerous certificates of suitability and membership in the Institute for Payment Security (IZS), we offer a maximum of security for our customers.

    Below, we will first present you with our proven concept and further down, we will explain the topic of subsidiary liability to you. Of course, our explanations on subsidiary liability cannot replace legal advice and should primarily provide you with some important insights that not every one of our competitors would provide.

    Through our membership in the Institute for Payment Security (IZS), we are, across the entire federal territory, one of the few personnel service providers who are willing to look at themselves transparently and voluntarily.

    The IZS says about itself:

    "IZS is since 2012 the leading risk information service provider for the German temporary work industry. As an independent service institute, we procure, check, and publish detailed risk information that

    • on the one hand personnel service providers need to prove their reliability to their clients, and
    • on the other hand, clients need for professional, complete risk documentation of their cooperation with temporary work companies and for reducing risks of subsidiary liability."

    Explanation of term subsidiary liability:

    The term "subsidiary liability" means that the customer company can be held liable for social security contributions (§ 28 e Social Code IV), contributions to the occupational accident insurance (§ 150 Social Code VII) and income tax (§ 42 d Income Tax Act) due to existing legislation. The temporary employment agency as an employer is generally obliged to pay the above-mentioned contributions for its temporary employees correctly. However, if the temporary employment agency does not pay the contributions correctly (for example, due to incorrect practices or insolvency), the customer is liable for the entire period of assignment of the temporary employees. As the claims for contributions of the social security institutions only expire after four years after the end of the calendar year in which they arose, cooperating with a temporary employment agency that does not work correctly or due to the insolvency of a personnel service provider can pose a significant risk for the customer. The legislator has introduced subsidiary liability to protect temporary employees from unscrupulous temporary employment agencies. This means that the customer is also liable in cases where he is not at fault. To prevent this from being circumvented, the legislator has stipulated that subsidiary liability may not be excluded by contract. Therefore, it is advisable to cooperate with a transparent personnel service provider such as the ZEUS Group. Through the combination of numerous certificates of compliance and membership in the IZS, we offer our customers maximum security.

  • We are among the leading regional recruitment agencies in southern Germany and are continuously growing. Since our company's founding, we have been working with a service company that has been handling payroll, invoicing, and IT support for over 80 recruitment agencies across Germany for over 30 years and has its own legal department. We ensure that you are only assisted by dispatchers who have been working in our company and in the temp agency industry for a long time. Benefit from working with professionals!

  • The owner of our company, Mr. Löw, is still actively involved in day-to-day operations and oversees the individual locations of our company. As a result, he is always in tune with the current market situation and the needs of our customers. This ensures that there are no entrenched or rigid working methods at our company, nor any guidelines developed by bureaucrats from behind a desk. "From practice for practice, on the pulse of the times" is our motto!

  • We have been working closely with a company specialized in environmental and workplace safety in the temporary recruiting industry since our founding. This ensures that our internal and external employees are optimally trained and educated.

    We have a pool of highly qualified occupational company doctor and strong connections to the Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG), which is the largest provider of statutory accident insurance in Germany as a commercial occupational association.

    Therefore, our accident rate is 50% lower than the industry average. In the case that something does happen, we have ensured through proper training and equipment for our employees (including safety clothing) that the consequences are as minimal as possible, and our well-trained internal staff quickly and professionally handle the workplace accident. This helps us prevent damage to our reputation and any issues for our customers.

  • Starting with 25 permanent employees on site, we offer you a professional on-site management concept. For this, you provide us with an office space in your company and we are on site at agreed upon times to ensure a smooth process and to provide you with a direct interface "to touch."

    We pay attention to multilingualism when selecting our dispatchers, as this factor is often overlooked in on-site management engagements. Even with foreign citizens with generally good German language skills, some issues can only or better be clarified in their native language. In our company group, native speakers of various nationalities are represented, so we have the ability to quickly access our "translators."

    Of course, we also have our own time tracking system, which allows us to offer you professional chip-based hour tracking.

  • Temporary employment is the ideal solution when it comes to covering temporary additional personnel requirements or testing employees for a period of time before a planned takeover.

    However, if you have long-term vacancies to fill, it makes sense to consider direct recruitment/placement.

    Unlike temporary employment, with direct recruitment/placement we will provide you with your desired candidate as your own employee from day one.

    You do not only benefit from our many years of experience, our professional recruiting process and our good contacts in the applicant/Job market, but also from our very fair pricing.

    Unlike most headhunting companies, we do not charge our recruitment/placement fee (for direct recruitment) based on the employee's annual gross salary, but based on the gross monthly salary agreed between you and your new employee.

    In contrast to us, headhunters calculate their placement fee based on the employee's basic annual salary, rather than the monthly salary, AND almost always includes all types of additional benefits to the employee (such as vacation bonus, Christmas bonus, incentives, etc.) in their recruitment/placement fee. On the other hand, we calculate our recruitment/placement fee exclusively based on the gross monthly salary agreed between you and your new employee.

    Our professional international recruitment complements our service offering in direct recruitment/placement. This allows us to specifically recruit talents that are not or only difficult to find on the German job market.