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10 Benefits which pay off.

  • At our company, you will typically receive an indefinite employment contract from the start. Exceptions are rare, such as if you only need a job with us for a short time to bridge a gap because you are planning to move, study, or start another job soon.

  • At our company, you will receive a fair salary according to the collective agreement, as well as many other benefits such as bonuses, such as Christmas and vacation pay, industry supplements, paid overtime, reimbursements for expenses, and all statutory social benefits. Suitable employees will even be paid above the standard rate of the collective agreement.

  • We are very reluctant to lose you. As we treat all our employees fairly and in a family-like manner, many of our employees have been loyal to us for many years because they enjoy working for us.

    On the other hand, we have many interesting job opportunities - with interesting clients and very good chances for being hired on permanently.

    If one of our clients is so impressed with you that they offer you a permanent position, we will be happy for you and will support you with advice and assistance. Every employee who is hired on permanently is great advertisement for us, and therefore, both we and our permanently hired employee’s benefit.

  • We don't have a two-class society, we see you as part of the ZEUS family. We attach great importance to a familiar tone and therefore prefer to address you informally. But if you prefer to be addressed formally, that's no problem for us either. It is particularly important to us that you feel comfortable with us and enjoy working for us. We are always there for you if you have any worries, needs, or wishes. We see working with you as mutual "give and take" and the scales should always be balanced.

    We are happy to accompany you on your first assignment with a new customer and always have an open ear for ideas and suggestions.

  • We have our own occupational safety with occupational medical support, with which we work closely together. Our employees are continuously trained in occupational safety, for example by attending the courses of the responsible employers' liability insurance association. Before we send you on an assignment, we check at our customer's site whether the workplaces there meet the occupational safety standards. If we have health concerns, we will not send any of our employees to that customer until the customer has taken appropriate action.

    Protecting the health of our employees is more important to us than earning money at any price. Health is an valuable asset and irreplaceable!

    It's not for nothing that the saying goes: "Healthy people have many wishes, sick people only one (namely to get well)." That's why we don't allow our employees to have to take unnecessary risks. We would like to work with you for a long time and well.

  • From the start, you will receive good-looking, practical, and high-quality workwear. Employees who have worked for us continuously for more than a year can even receive premium workwear from well-known brand manufacturers. We want you to feel comfortable from the beginning with us and your job. High-quality and stylish workwear contributes to this.

  • If you are interested in continuing your trainings, we would be happy to work with you to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Then we can discuss which continuing education opportunities would be most beneficial for you. These may include language courses, forklift certifications, welding courses, or CNC training. The costs will be covered by us of course.

  • We have many great customers with interesting workplaces. If you wish, over time you can gain practical work experience at various of our customers and thereby acquire a range of skills and experience. This will make you attractive for promotions or more qualified positions.

  • From the start, you will have a dedicated dispatcher as your personal point of contact who will always be available to assist you with advice and support. This way, you will feel well taken care of from the beginning at our company.

  • At our company, if you wish, you can receive an advance on your wages every Friday, as long as you have completed the week's work. Of course, we do not charge any fees or require extensive explanations for this. We want you to be able to start the weekend with peace of mind, to have fun and not have to worry.